Why You Should Get Multiple Quotes for Your Fencing Project

Pickets. Privacy. PVC vinyl. It doesn't matter what type of fence you're putting up; you should get multiple quotes for your fence project. Here's why.

Some folks dream of a white picket fence around a suburban front yard. Others have adventurous pups who need containment. There are those with pools that need a fence to be code-compliant. Whatever the case, there could be a fence project in the near future, and who the homeowner hires can make or break the job.

But choosing the right contractor isn't always so straightforward. One of the best ways to find the best contractor (and contract) for their fence project is to get multiple quotes. Keep reading to learn why that is and the benefits of collecting several quotes before choosing a contractor.

The Benefits of Getting Multiple Quotes for Your Fencing Project

The prospect of a newly defined yard with a charming fence might be exciting, but homeowners should pump their brakes. Rather than accepting the first quote that comes along, it's important to get multiple quotes before the job starts. The following points will explain why.

1. The Homeowner Gains an Understanding of the Project

Unless they're experienced DIYers or have some construction experience, most homeowners don't have a complete picture of what goes into the average construction project. But they can gain a better understanding of what it takes to complete their fencing project by getting multiple quotes.

For instance, a homeowner might not realize that the contractor has to rent equipment to excavate the post holes. Or, they may not know the bottom of each post hole requires a base of gravel to prevent the posts from sitting in water. But, by comparing multiple quotes, they'll be able to learn about these steps and what goes into their job.

It might seem like one quote should be enough to decipher the fence-installation code, but that's not the case. There's almost always more than one way to do a job. By getting multiple quotes, the homeowner may be able to uncover multiple methods and choose the best approach for their project.

2. It's a Chance to Get to Know the Contractors

Fence jobs can go pretty quickly, but they often require quite a bit of coordination between materials suppliers, the crew installing the fence, the homeowner, and the contractor. And, all of that is the job of the contractor. Isn't it worth getting to know the contractor and the way they do business before you join the fray?

That's part of the beauty of getting several quotes for a job. Contractors who take the time to get to know their customer's thoughts, concerns, and desires for their fence project before submitting a well-thought-out quote will usually be a joy to work with. Contractors who scribble quotes together, have a hard time communicating, or simply rush the homeowner through the quote process will only get worse once they get the job.

3. Homeowners Can Compare the Materials

Fences may seem pretty simple, but they come in a variety of shapes, styles, sizes, and designs. And by getting several fencing quotes, homeowners will be able to compare and see which materials each contractor is suggesting for the job.

Most fence contractors keep samples on hand to help homeowners decide. Going through this process with several contractors allows the homeowner to compare and contrast materials. They can look at the quality and the pricing, allowing them to decide which product they feel meets their needs and offers the most value.

It's also a homeowner's right to know where a contractor bought materials for use on their property. However, contractors don't have to share this information unless asked. Homeowners who do ask may get a better look at the contractor's supply chain. They can even ask for quotes from several supply houses. This can result in money saved, and it can also help avoid a potential supply chain shortage.

4. They Can Consider Finish Levels

Beyond the basic materials and supply chains, the quote process gives the homeowner the opportunity to price and compare their project at different levels of finish. Those levels may include entry-level, mid-grade, and luxury-grade.

For example, entry-level fencing may include basic pressure-treated stockade fencing, picket fencing, and even lower-grade vinyl. Mid-grade materials include high-end vinyl, aluminum, cedar, redwood, and other similar species or materials. Luxury-grade would include custom-built fences and gates made from exotic wood, aluminum, wrought iron, or a combination of materials.

By getting prices on all of these materials and finish levels, the homeowner can choose which products fit their budget and which they should toss aside.

5. The Homeowner Becomes an Educated Consumer

No one wants to be the person that a contractor takes advantage of, and one of the best ways for homeowners to avoid it is to get multiple quotes for their fence job. Having multiple quotes in hand allows the homeowner to compare what each contractor says is necessary to complete their job. It's in these details that a homeowner may be able to protect themselves.

Here's an example: A homeowner receives five quotes for the fence project, and all but one are similar. The dissimilar quote has a few items missing that the other quote includes. Is this due to inexperience or oversight? Or does this contractor know something that the others do not?

Also, consider a situation where a contractor's dissimilar quote contains more items than the others. In this case, the contractor may be attempting to take the homeowner for a ride, or their years of experience in the trades tells them a certain item might be necessary, and the other contractors aren't aware.

The only way that a homeowner will notice these discrepancies is to get multiple quotes.

6. They Can Save Some Money

One of the most significant benefits of getting multiple fencing quotes is that it can help the homeowner save money. Homeowners should recognize that contractors often build a bit of wiggle room into their contractors, often in the form of materials mark-ups or labor rates. With several quotes in hand, the homeowner may have enough leverage to get them to move on their prices.

By comparing the proposed costs from several contractors, the homeowner may be able to pinpoint some of these inflated materials costs, labor rates, or even timelines. They can then go back to the contractor they actually want to work with and negotiate with them with a bit of firepower. They may convince the contractor to lower rates, find better deals on materials, or even move the project to slower times in hopes of saving money.

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