The Benefits of Several Quotes for a Siding Project

New siding can transform the look of a home, but it's important not to let excitement get in the way of smart decisions. Getting multiple quotes will help.

One of the first projects many homeowners dream of tackling is changing their home's siding look or color. But, as projects inside the house come up, the siding project might go on the backburner. By the time they're ready to call a siding contractor, their excitement has been building for years.

But these homeowners must pump their brakes before signing on the dotted line. Siding can be a big, expensive job, and it's critical that they have all the information they need to make the best decision possible. Getting multiple quotes for a siding project will help, and here's why.

The Benefits of Getting Quotes for a Siding Project

It's hard to deny that a well-done siding job is typically worth the expense. However, homeowners should do their homework to ensure they're partnering with the right contractor for their needs. The following are some of the most significant benefits that a homeowner might realize by getting multiple quotes for a siding project.

1. Understanding the Project

While the internet is full of useful information on almost every topic, homeowners are busy. They might not have the time or desire to learn about everything that goes into a siding project. But, it's quite important that they know what their particular siding job will entail, and getting multiple quotes will help.

When a homeowner receives several quotes for the same project, they'll be able to compare the necessary items and the contractors' approaches. Consider a job involving installing vinyl siding over top of existing wood siding. In this case, the homeowner might learn that the contractor needs to install a foam substrate over the existing siding to create a flat, clean surface for the new vinyl. Or, they might learn that windows need a special trim installed around them to hide the ends of the new siding. The quotes can reveal a lot.

It might seem that one quote should explain it all, but that's not the case. Homeowners should note that there is typically more than one way to handle a project. Receiving multiple quotes can reveal the different possibilities, allowing the homeowner to make a more informed decision on the project's direction.

2. Getting to Know the Contractors

The amount of time a contractor will spend installing siding on a home will depend on its size, height, and other factors, but it's typically one of the faster renovations. That is, of course, if the contractor knows what they're doing. Wouldn't it be nice to get a feel for that ahead of time?

If a homeowner is accepting multiple quotes for a siding job, they'll get the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the different contractors and how they work. For instance, a siding contractor who takes the time to get to know the customer and their needs before sending in a clean, well-thought-out quote will typically be a joy to work with. Contractors who scratch line items out on old junk mail envelopes or have a hard time communicating in general may be a nightmare.

3. Comparing Materials and Suppliers

In today's world of supply chain shortages and delays, homeowners can help themselves make wise decisions by asking for multiple quotes for their siding project.

With multiple quotes in hand, homeowners can prepare the siding materials and prices each contractor is proposing. They'll be able to assess whether a particular quote includes quality materials and determine whether or not it's offering enough value for them to move forward with that contractor.

Also, a homeowner has the right to know which supply house the contractor is using for the materials on their home. The catch, however, is that contractors don't have to supply that information until the homeowner requests it. Homeowners should ask for multiple quotes (sometimes even from the same contractor!) to get a better look at each contractor's supply chain. This can save the homeowner money while also possibly reducing the risk of a supply chain shortage.

Also, understand that every detail doesn't need ironing out before the job can start. For instance, if a homeowner is unsure which size J-channel they'd like to wrap around their windows, they can request that the contractor include a builder's allowance in the quote. A builder's allowance is a line item with a specific value assigned, but the details are left out intentionally. The homeowner can keep shopping while the project is moving forward.

4. Comparing Finish Levels

A siding project makes such a big impact on a home that it's essential the homeowner absolutely loves the finished product. The best way to ensure this occurs is by comparing finish levels.

Siding comes in a few varieties and levels of quality, and those levels affect cost.

  • Entry-level siding is typically vinyl or plywood. Vinyl mimics shiplapped wood boards or shingles, but they're thin, light, and relatively easy to install. The trim around the windows, doors, and corners is inexpensive, as well, though the fit and finish are usually a bit lacking. Pressure-treated plywood has a rustic aesthetic, making it suitable for barns or cabins but may stick out in a neighborhood.

  • Mid-level siding materials include natural wood and insulated vinyl. Wood siding requires exacting tolerances around windows and trim, and it may be a requirement for some historic homes. Insulated vinyl siding works similarly to basic vinyl with the added benefit of improved insulation.

  • Luxury-level siding materials include fiber cement boards, composite materials, engineered hardwood, and brick and stone veneers. These products are much more expensive but can outlast wood or vinyl products, though they often require specialized installation methods.

As for brands, the big names in entry-level siding include GAF, Everbilt, and Ply Gem. Mid-level wood siding typically comes from individual lumber mills and manufacturers, though insulated siding will come from some of the same brands as the entry-level products. As for luxury-grade, bricks and stone veneers are available through masonry suppliers and quarries, while Hardie, LP SmartSide, Everlast, GAF, Finex, and American Fiber Cement Corporation.

5. Improved Consumer Education

A homeowner that educates themselves before making a decision is setting themselves up to win. One of the best ways a homeowner can go about this education in regard to a siding project is to get multiple quotes.

Here's a helpful example: A homeowner receives several quotes for a siding project, and all of the quotes are similar except for one. The final quote omits an item or two that the rest included. Is this due to inexperience or oversight? Or is this quote from a veteran siding contractor who knows something no one else does? Either way, it's worth investigating.

This can be a major benefit to collecting multiple quotes. The only way to notice these differences between approaches or materials is to compare the quotes submitted carefully, line-by-line.

6. Saving Money on the Project

One of the largest benefits of shopping quotes on a siding remodeling project is the opportunity to save money. Having multiple quotes in hand gives the homeowner leverage and the ability to work with contractors for better prices.

If a homeowner finds a siding contractor they'd really like to work with, but their price is higher than the rest, they can negotiate. The homeowner can show the desired contractor the competitor's quotes and ask them if there's any wiggle room on the price. The contractor can then decide if they're going to reduce the mark-up on the materials, work on finding less expensive materials, or schedule the job for slower times to lower the price.

At the same time, it's unfair to expect all siding contractors to work for the lowest available price. And, the contractor that offers the cheapest price isn't always the best. Homeowners should find a contractor that will deliver what they want for their budgeted price, and negotiate from there.

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